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Portrait of Laurence-Le-Constant,          nt.

Born in 1976 on Reunion island, Laurence Le Constant grew up surrounded by a paradise and untamed nature. This island and its history are the foundation of its development.


Very early on, the artist traveled the world and stayed in Mayotte, Madagascar, South Africa, Botswana, then the United States and Europe.  This journey will inspire a taste for discovery and a passion for rites of passage, myths and legends.

The artist first studied the Literature but quickly felt the pressing need to work with the material. Her choice was on the textile. So after a BTS in fashion design, she began studying specialized arts in textile design and then developed know-how in embroidery, weaver and feather maker. Ancestral gestures are patiently passed to her in the workshop.


Later, she opted for a cross-curricula of plastic arts at the Sorbonne and courses at the École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. This seals her desire to master the creation of the most elaborate material, combined with fundamental plastic questions.

Since 2000, she has worked in prestigious haute couture workshops and has worked for Chanel, Dior, Emmanuel Ungaro etc.


The death of her grandmother in 2008 is an electroshock that reconnects her to her artistic vocation. 

Transcending death becomes the keystone of her plastic art research.

In 2010, inspired by the loss of her mentor, Laurence Le Constant created MY LOVELY BONES.


Since then, she has participated in several group exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Dallas and San Francisco. Micheline (from MY LOVELY BONES joined to the permanent collection of the Dallas Museum of Art in 2012.

A noteworthy selection of her vanities was shown at the Art Paris Art Fair in March 2014 and March 2015. From May to the end of June 2014, the Géraldine Banier gallery devoted a solo exhibition to her work: “HER GARDEN”.


2015 was marked by a series of collaborations with Massaro (Chanel’s custom-made shoes department). They gave rise to SUKI, EVE, DAPHNE and MADEMOISELLE IVES.

The alchemy that developed between the artist, the bootmaker of the Rue de la Paix and the watchmaker Roger Dubuis resulted in the creation of the ultra-limited edition watch: VELVET GRETA in 2016.


In 2021, the Michelangelo Foundation included the artist in its prestigious worldwide selection and chose to exhibit two works from MY LOVELY BONES: ESTHER and VICTORINE, during  Homo Faber 2022 that will take place on the island of Girgio Cini in Venice.

2022 is also the year of his second solo show entitled: «A CALL TO HEAVEN» which had be held at the Galerie Géraldine Banier in Paris.

In March 2023, Laurence Le Constant was invited by Soverency to the French Senate to present two of her works (VEDA and JACINTHE) at a conference on the emergence of new French champions combining craft, art, innovation and new industrial tools.

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